Sometimes your body and tells you that you need to start being a little bit more careful. More specifically, to be more attentive to the energy that you are throwing around, trying to be all and more. Sometimes you listen on time and sometimes you don’t. I didn’t…. so my body took matters in its own hands.

I woke up dizzy and ended up 3 hours later in an ambulance, so extremely out of balance that I could not bear light, sight or sound. I was not capable of walking or being straight up and let’s not get into the gory details…
I remember thinking that when I would get to the emergency room I would get medication and go home…the easy way out. Little did I know, it would take weeks without any guarantee of 100% recovery and no doctor at any point in time willing to promise it will never come back.

Note to self: when my body says stop….it means business.

As I write this it is 8 weeks after that dark ambulance ride and I am still dizzy every day. There is just more time now between the dizzy spells and I actually “got it under control”. Meaning that I am at any time ready to grab on to something to steady myself.

I have ignored my body in the past, pushing on. I think that the signal it is giving today is very clear. You live an unbalanced life, do something about it. So I will try to bring balance back starting by going back to what I really love, cooking.

Welcome to My Cosy Kitchen, where you will find seasonal cooking, easy healthy recipes and a couple of Guilty pleasures as well as tales of large gatherings, small dinners, good food and where needed some wine and candles.And, on occasion, some views into the balancing act….

Have an amazing day,




  1. Hello,

    Thank you for following my blog ‘Moving Forward’. I am very new to blogging, so feel free to offer any tips. I LOVE the photographs and colours on your blog. I wonder how you do that?

    Great content too. Thank you for sharing.

    Jan x


    • Hi Jan! Thank you for stopping by and commenting ! As you can see I am very new too… One of the purposes of this blog is to learn and improve my foodpictures since I only started photographing food about a month ago. I read -from pixels to plate – first and it helped me a great deal. Aswell as Adobe Lightroom ;-).
      Have a great day Jan !


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