Purple February

kitchen-icecreamBack to school!

About a month ago I have kicked off my Interior Design course. It will take me a year to complete and I am happy to report that I have found that when I sit down to study…I actually forget to lunch, pee or keep the fireplace going. So basically, I end up cold, hungry and with my legs crossed… Ain’t that awesome!

Doesn’t mean I have lost my passion for good food, though… So, I have dusted of Instagram because I wanted to start a new board. One that is specifically made for the month of February. The color of February is amethyst (can you feel the designer influence on this decision…lol). So I have been surfing to find all things purple. And by doing this I was reminded of a mistake I made cooking, that I wanted to share with you.


kitchen-figsLast summer we had buckets and buckets of Figs coming of our tree. With a couple of those buckets, I decided to make Homemade Fig Confiture with different flavors. I made Fig-Vanilla (awesome), Fig – 5 spices (great with cheese) and Fig – Rosemary (haven’t gotten to that batch yet but apparently rosemary and goat cheese should be married – or at least engaged). In a fit of healthy, I decided to cut in half the amount of sugar used.


The sugar acts as the preserver once the jar is open. However, when you do not add enough sugar, the jar will go bad in record time. I am talking 10 to 12 days. And when you see the size of jars I made…well you understand my mistake!

kitchen-cupsSo, now whenever we open a jar, we will eat Confiture with everything and anything for two weeks. Not a punishment either, but not really what I had in mind!

Please hop over to my Pinterest February board to find all things purple. Yes, also figs…

Ps. If you want to know more about February and Amethyst – here is the link to that!



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