Blueberries – Raspberries – Strawberries

Last week we spend some time in the mountains. We love to hike and Sam (5) and Zoé (3) are really getting into it as well! Even more so when we discovered that mid-august is the absolute perfect time for berry picking. Way less hiking, much more eating…

On our first run we were not very well prepared for the overflow of summer fruit. I just emptied a little water container and we filled it with berries. Once home, I washed them and they sat in the strainer in the kitchen for exactly 5 minutes. Then the whole family had visited and I did not even get to make a picture! All gone!

So the next day I was way better prepared and brought a 1L cleaned milk bottle. Sooo much better. I made a great pie (sand dough bottom, vanilla custard filling topped with loads of mixed berries….) but still no picture to show for it.. Fortunately I found some great inspiration and pictures for our next berry run:

cobbler-postSarah, from The Seasonal Diet posted this really good looking 3 berry Cobbler recipe alongside with some advice on how to stay balanced in life. A great read! However, her last advice: life is all about balance so eat the cobbler for dessert… not breakfast. I am going to pretend it is just not there…sorry Sarah, I want to learn from my own mistakes on that one 😉

elephantasticveganBianca, from Elephantastic Vegan admits that she is a Popsicle addict….so much so that her freezer door hardly closes anymore…. Can I send my kids over Bianca? They will take care of that problem in no-time!

Strawberry-shortcake-1-300x225Audrey from That Recipe has the best kid in town! (Except for the no-coffee part…really ?!). She got up early with her 7-year old and he (!) made these gorgeous shortbreads. Talk about a really awesome way to bond! I will definitively try out the tip on how to make kids more aware of measuring around the kitchen. I will also make the shortcakes and cover them with whatever we find on our next berry trip.. Ps. Audrey also co-hosts the Tasty Tuesdays Linkup…

Tania from The Cooks Pyjamas starts her post like this: “I am beginning to understand Raspberry-Chocolate-Chia-Pudding-Pots-04those “Mum’s Taxi” bumper stickers that are usually seen in abundance in school zones”. Then she refers to her daughter as The Princess. Yes, capital T and capital P. Got me laughing! I have found a soulmate…;-).  Her Raspberry Chocolate Chia Pudding Pots look absolutely fabulous and these are also going to be tried out here!




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