Surprising Tomato Salsa


Since we had a lot of people over right before our holiday, the first days of our vacation we are still eating leftovers from that evening! And nobody is complaining. Here in the French Alpes the weather is absolutely amazing. We are in Les Gets and the kids are having a blast. Besides the obvious hiking and berry picking activities there are a lot of activities organized for kids! So yesterday they made their own kite and tomorrow the theme is Land ‘Art and probably Dream Catchers… My oldest could certainly use one since nightmares are recurrent… I am hoping a good old fashion Dream Catcher might cure that…but I have always been a hopeless optimistic!

Tomato Salsa

Tomato-Peach salsa

200 gr (2 cups) cherry tomatoes

1 ripe peach

½ onion

4 drops of Tabasco

Tbsp. of grossly chopped cilantro

Tsp. of chiseled fresh mint

Dice the Cherry Tomatoes. Not too small, nice and chunky. Dice the peach; this should be in small cubes. Cut up the onion, same size as the peach. Mix all. Put the salsa in a bowl with a closed lid and put the mix in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. The lid will not only help the ingredients mix but will also prevent your refrigerator from smelling like a giant onion for two days! Serve with Tortilla chips and maybe some Mexican beer? At least that is what I am doing!


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