Iced Cappucinno – Cappucinno Freddo

Iced Cappucino

This is a dangerous post. I’m writing it rather late at night and I’m under a bit of pressure. My computer is being shipped of tomorrow for a cleaning session so I want to post this before it goes..

Generally that means: spelling errors, non-interesting banter just to get to the recipe and – worst of all – bad pictures. So please believe me when I say: this is a really great Iced Cappuccino that in no way deserves to be treated like I am treating it with this fast written blogpost full of not so well lit pictures. Give it a try! It tastes exactly like the “one-day-holiday-away-from-my-computer” I am going to have tomorrow!

Iced Cappuccino

85 ml (1/3 cup) of coffee

1.5 tsps of golden caster sugar

Skimmed or low fat milk (the amount depends on what your froth machine will accept)

Ice cubes

Iced Cappucinno-1070779

Note: I make coffee for this once a week so when I pour the coffee on the ice cubes it is actually already cold. I take my coffee rather strong. I use Golden caster sugar in which I have infused vanilla beans. I actually put the sugar in the coffee when it is still hot. Then I put in the fridge to cool. So I have a week stock of ready to go, already sweet coffee in the door of my fridge. It is actually very reassuring to know it is there….for me to use…whenever!

Iced Cappucino-1070785

The “recipe” could not be simpler: Fill your cup with ice cubes. Pour 1 serving of cold coffee over the cubes. To make ice cold milk foam I use my George Clooney” machine (the aerocinno..). I feel I get closer to George every time I use the machine (sorry Amal!).

Tap the machine gently on the table (using a cloth to protect your table) to ensure the foam on top and the milk on the bottom become one. This gives the thick foam I am so desperately after. Because you are using thick cold foam no other (heavy) cream or milk necessary!

Pour it over your coffee, stick in a pretty straw and you are all set!


Iced Cappucinno-1070795


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