Summer Ice Cream – Raspberry/Blueberry


Happy days! Ever since we moved to the country side several positive things have become part of my daily (summer) life and I am really grateful for these little moments of happiness. For exemple: I have actually been working outside for the past couple of weeks. This was just not possible when I as living in Paris following the Corporate Dream (…). And I enjoy every second of the sun on my feet even when I’m doing taxes.

The other great thing is that our Paris friends and family have figured out the route to our garden (and barbeque/beer stock) and are visiting us on a very regular basis! I love to have people over, sitting in the garden well into the wee hours, little blanket on the knees, candles and just endless talking about everything and nothing.

Of course food is a very big part of these little sleep over parties and my Raspberry-Blueberry Summer Ice Cream was judged “better than any store- or artisanal ice cream I have bought in a long time” by my friends….A little proud, I am..


Summer Ice Cream

(For approx. 1 liter)

200 gr (0.8 cup) of water

100 gr (1/2) cup of sugar

400 gr (3 cups) of raspberries

100 gr (1 cup) of blueberries

4 Tbsps. of evaporated sweetened milk (optional – leave out for vegan version)

Boil the water and the sugar. As soon as it reaches its cooking point take it of the stove and stir in the fruits. Let it cool down completely. Once it is cold use the blender to get a smooth mixture. Pour through a strainer to weed out as much as raspberry seeds as possible. They will not all magically disappear completely but leaving some in will actually add to the experience of this ice cream. Pour in the evaporated milk (unless you follow a non-dairy or vegan diet) and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Then follow the instructions for your ice cream maker. Let it set for another 3 hours in the freezer. Delicious!!

Take the ice cream from the freezer to the fridge about 30 minutes before serving. Much easier to serve!


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