Organic Pasta Salad – Perfect BBQ sidedish

Pasta Salad-1070576As I am writing this it is raining hard and thunder makes it almost impossible to even think. Good thing I took the pictures for this perfect BBQ side yesterday on a blazing hot afternoon! This pasta salad recipe is made with all the “must put in” ingredients but do not hesitate to mix it up and add whatever leftover vegetable or cheese you might have!

Pasta salad – serves 4

400 gr of pasta. All bigger pasta goes (so no spagetthi or mini macaroni)
3 hardboiled eggs
120 gr (1 cup) steamed green beans
20 quartered cherry tomatoes
1/4 of an iceberg lettuce, diced
1/2 a cucumber peeled and diced
100 gr (1 cup) of diced young Gouda cheese
Tbsp of creamcheese
2 Tbsps of Come Back sauce
Salt and black fresh grounded pepper

Adjust the size of your diced elements to the size of your pasta. All ingredients used are organic and locally sourced when possible…

Pasta Salad-1070570

Cook the pasta as indicated on the package, start the boiling of the eggs at the same time. In your salad bowl, mix the cream cheese, the Come Back sauce and the pepper and salt. Then add the tomatoes, salad, cucumber beans and cheese.

When the pasta is done rinse it under cold water let it drain and then add to the mixture. Peel and dice the eggs and add them too. Yes. I add them when they are still warm. Stir until all the ingredients are mixed together. I actually add the pasta when still slightly warm and the eggs right out of the pan because this will make the young Gouda melt a little and therefor bind with the sauce and the eggs. It makes for a creamier salad without adding anymore … well….cream! Put in the fridge for an hour, or the time to fire up the barbeque!

Pasta Salad-1070575

If you like it less creamy you can leave out the cream cheese and cool all the ingredients before mixing them up.


Pasta Salad-1070581



  1. Very good! Thank you for the recipe! I made it and it made me wonder, it was yum everyone liked it. The only change I made is that I used Parmesan cheese and increased the number of organic veges. It was awesome and have added it to my list. Thanks again Floortje.


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