I (tried to make) macarons…


I made macarons. The French version. The Pierre Hermé kind of product. However mine did not look very Pierre Hermé….or Ladurée for that matter..

Chopped 70% Chocolate
Chopped 70% Chocolate

…. So I set out on the World Wide Web and found so many websites that tell you how to make them perfect that I have decided to conduct tests over the next couple of weeks because frankly there is a lot of advice but no way of knowing if it is good advice! What makes the macaron perfect, so to speak, and how do you remedy the crackling or the baked on the outside but totally sticky on the inside problem. (They do sound like REAL problems right ?).


Here is my list to tick of and I’m confident that within a couple of weeks I will have cracked the code! (and my bikini…). I will try the following:

       Microwave the egg whites to make them more liquid (one website actually suggests separating the whites 3 days in advance…)
       Temperature of the heated sugar 118°C or 125°C (I will only try Italian meringue)
       When to add the coloring, at what temperature (warm or lukewarm)
       Yes or no letting the shells set before they go into the oven
       Silicon or other piping bag
       Using the shells as soon as they are cooled or let them rest an hour
       Thickness of the baking tray
       Paper or silicone to protect the baking tray
       When to take them out (not so much measured in time but in texture)
       140 °C or 170 °C
       What happens when I completely replace almond by coconut (I really want to know!)

Any suggestions or other things I should test? Have a great week!




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