Spinach and Cheese Quiche

Green Quiche-1070436You might have noticed…I love quiche! Why? It can be made in advance, from scratch, if you watch the cream and cheese part they are not that heavy on the bikini and making them is only a 15 minute job! What is not to love. Served with salad or soup it is a quick and almost quilt free way of getting veggies! And who wants to eat totally guiltfree? Not me! (hence all the deserts on this blog and the cheese/mascarpone/cream in this recipe…)… This Spinach and cheese quiche is delicious! However, for once not so easy on the bikini…

Spinach and Cheese quiche

1 quiche dough

500 gr of fresh spinach
3 eggs
3 Tbsp of mascarpone
Salt & Pepper

Green Quiche-2For the topping

200 ml of cream
2 Tbsp of mascarpone
50 gr (1 cup) freshly grated parmesan,
40 gr (1/4 cup) sun dried tomatoes

Preheat the oven at 180 °C (learn here why 180°C/350F is used so often in recipes…). On low heat slink the spinach in a pan and then drain it on a paper towel. In the mean time mix the eggs and the mascarpone with a fork. Add the spinach and blend a little. It needs to keep a little structure. Salt and pepper and set aside.

Whip up the cream with the mascarpone to a stiff mixture. Add the parmesan and some pepper.

Spread the spinach on the  quiche bodem. Top of with the tomatoes and spread the cream over the surface. Then, with a knife, blend it in a little, like when you are making a vanilla chocolate cake.

Bake for 30 minutes or until set.


Green Quiche-1070435

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    • Hi Shannon! Thanks for stopping by. I actually had to google low carb….and I don’tit really. Is it the cheese that is not low carb? Because High Fat dairy is on the “you caneat list”… Can you enlighten me? I would love to better understand this type of diet but internet can be really confusing… Have a great day!!


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