Organic Beet Soup – Adieu Winterveggies!

Beetsoup-1070442 It is the end of winter season. Thank God! The good fruits and salads are now coming and I love the warm season for its abundance of great produce! So, with this yellow and red beet soup I bid goodbye to all winter vegetables and fruits (and the list isn’t long..). It was fun and heartwarming but you have got to move over. I’m sure by the end of summer I will start to miss you but for now….Get out of my kitchen! Beetsoup-1070452 Yellow and Red Beetroot Soup 3 (organic) Yellow Beets 3 (organic)Red Beets 1.5 ltr of vegetable stock Salt and pepper Extra: 2 Tbsps of mascarpone 2 Tbsps of fresh goat cheese Some black pepper and some tabasco Peel the beets and cut them into cubes. Put them into a large casserole and add the vegetable stock. Bring it to cooking point. Then, lower the heat until it simmers and let it simmer for 45 minutes. The beets need to be tender. Put in the blender (I always have to do this in portions…) and blend until smooth. This is a very liquid and easy to digest soup which makes it perfect for the spring season. It still warm you up and it keeps you on your bikini plan! If you want to cream it up a little mix the mascarpone and the goat cheese with some ground pepper and a smidge Tabasco. Ciao! ps. Here is a little summersong for you to enjoy…. Beetsoup-1070448


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