Little Vanilla Desserts / Petits Crèmes – or why my son will never move out

Ptit creme-1070381These desserts are my son’s favorites. Either vanilla or chocolate. I once tried to make a double dessert for him (who does not want to please their children!)  by trying to have 1 layer of vanilla and 1 layer of chocolate. That was a rather big miss that I should have seen coming since the mixture is before baking as liquid as milk…. Double shame on me!

The thing with this recipe is though that you are invariably left with 4 egg whites. So I set out to find some recipes to remedy that.

How about this little list?
Meringues with clotted cream and strawberries (BBC Cooking)
Chocolate Angel Food Cake (
Parmigiano-reggiano-cheese-souffle (I call shotgun!) (
Rose-water-marshmallows (

(Now that will be a party…little vanilla desserts and marshmallows – He will NEVER move out!)

I will let you know the results of these recipes!

Ptit creme-1070370

P’tit Crème (Little Vanilla dessert)

50 cl (2 cups) of milk
40 gr (1/4 cup) of sugar (organic Golden Caster)*
1 vanilla pod
4 egg yolks
1 egg

Pre-heat the oven at 150°C. Put the milk on over low heat. Open the vanilla pod and put it in the milk. Let it simmer until the milk has colored slightly and then, with a knife, empty the pods seeds in the milk. While the milk simmers, beat the eggs with the sugar for 2 to 3 minutes. Continue whisking while you add the still hot milk. Transfer the mixture to little recipients and place them in a baking tray. Fill the baking tray with cold water up until the middle of the recipients. Put in the oven for approx. 1 hour. This is delicate so watch them. If I fill the recipients to the rim the oven time is 1.05 hours. However if I put in a little less it is 55 minutes. They should be thick but not brick!

The cookies in the pictures are coconut and I will tell you all about them another day…


*when you rinse the used vanillapod and let it dry for 2 days on a paper towel you can stick it in the bag/jar of sugar. It will delicately fragrant your sugar.

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Ptit creme-1070372



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