Veggie Pasta with Goat Cheese

Veggie pasta1-1070411 My daughter (3) just fell out of bed. I am downstairs and I hear a loud thud. In all fairness, I am at my parent’s mountain cabin and all floors are wood, but still, I jump a little. I silently (I have another kid (5) and do not want to wake him…) run upstairs and there she is. Sleeping like a baby on the floor next to her bed. Put her back in, kiss her cheek, she doesn’t even notice!

This reminds me of our last year’s camping trip. We were Glamping (awesome concept) and the kids were sleeping in a bunk bed. My son on top and my daughter on the lower bed. In front of the bed we had blocked our suitcases so she wouldn’t fall out of bed…. Mind you, this is glamping, sleeping in real beds in a tent, so the “walls” are made of fabric.

In the middle of the (Italian) night, my son calls out, he wants to have some water. I get to his bed and automatically check on my daughter who is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!! I loudly whisper to my husband: Is she in the bed with us? He says no. I frantically search the sheets and the floor…and really loudly whisper ARE YOU SURE? He hears the clear panic in my voice and jumps up to check the zipper of the tent. Closed…This is not happening!!! Where did she go…the word kidnapping jumps into my head. (I know…overreact much?)

Veggie pasta2-1070407

And then we realized she had slipped quietly on the wall side of the bed to the (dusty) floor behind the suitcases where she was…sleeping like a baby!

Man, the adrenaline! Took me 2 hours to calm down.

Veggie Pasta with Goat cheese

For 4 portions

400 gr (1 cup) of (Organic) Haricots Verts

2 Tbsps of soft Goat Cheese

1 tsp of Pesto

Black pepper (no salt needed, there is enough in the pesto)

4 Tbsps of crushed Hazelnuts

Pasta for 4.

Veggie pasta1-1070407

Wash the Haricots Verts then cut of the tips and cut them in pieces of approx. 2 cm. This is not science. If you like them bigger or smaller, not a problem. Steam the greens for 18 minutes or until tender. While they are steaming bring a pot of water to boiling point, add the pasta and follow the instructions on the package it came into get it “al dente”. Drain the pasta and put it back in the pan that should still be hot. Toss it around a little over low heat to evaporate the left over water on the pasta. Then, stir in the Goat Cheese. Due to the heat of the pan it will melt all by itself. Then stir in the pesto and then the Haricots verts. Heat a little frying pan and, without any added grease, grill the hazelnut pieces. Divide the pasta over 4 plates and finish with some black grounded pepper and the hazelnuts. Serve right away with some bread and a coarse white wine (preferably from the same district as the goat cheese you used).


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Veggie pasta-1070407



    • Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend. The pasta is Orecchiette, an earshaped pasta from Southern Italy (and also available in my local supermarket – dried version :-). You could use either pasta actually. Just not the spagetti types as the sauce doesn’t “stick” enough. have a great day!!


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