The Birthday Cake that wasn’t…. or the steep learning curve on inventing pies.

the pie that was not-1070354

Last week was my birthday. The Fab Frenchman, on my (totally unveiled) cue, got me the Dream Machine, the apple red baking monster…. the Artisan KitchenAid! It was like getting (highly functional) jewelry! The rest of my family chipped in with the ice maker that is still to arrive but I baked up a total storm this weekend!  (Note to self: buy David Lobovitz’s Perfect Scoop or/and Making Artisan Gelato written by Torrance Kopfer)

It’s like I am five and have a new toy! All recipes that I now think off need to meet 1 criteria: KitchenAid or not. And if the answer is: No KitchenAid needed: the recipe is not allowed near my kitchen for the next couple of weeks…or months!

the pie that was not-1070361

My mother arrived the day after my Birthday so I decided to put my shiny new toy to good use and bake a birthday pie. I really wanted a fruit pie, my kids were all about chocolate and the Fab Frenchman likes vanilla custard cream on any pie. So I decided to mix things up a little and not just make a “standard” fruit pie or a total chocolate pie (what was I thinking…).

I started out with the crust. I decided on a short crust pastry in which I exchanged about 5% of the flour for cacao (kids should be happy). I blind baked and put aside.

Then I made the vanilla custard for which I started with infusing the milk for 1/2 hour with a little bit of fresh Mint and some basil leaves. Fun, right?

I topped of the pie with strawberries and blueberries. It looked fabulous! I did not take any pictures since this was my first try of this combo and I figured that we will have enough occasions to remake this pie.  Since we moved to the countryside (and really countryside is almost too much of a fancy word for our mini village) friends who live in the city seem to come and visit even more then when we were actually living in Paris, and I love it! To give you an idea of our village: 500 houses and way more cows and sheep than inhabitants. They are very productive houses though since we have 300 kids in the local elementary school…)

the pie that was not-1070363

Back to the pie. On paper and in my head this all sounded absolutely fabulous! However in real life…The crust was NOT good at all. I should have made either a puff pastry crust of a biscuit crust but this was like eating chocolate clay, and not in a good way! The infused cream was only fun for me because my kids and the Fab Frenchman though it was “beurk” and so I ended up eating the fruits (hard to mess those up) and the cream and making a quick chocolate/vanilla cake (thank you awesome baking machine) for all others around the table.. A total bust!

Will keep trying though! In the mean time, made some pictures of what I found in my garden..


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