Sunday’s supper

My kids were not happy this week… After a whole week of sun and fun in the netherlands they had to go back to daycare. Now, you have to understand that in this case “daycare” is Marie-Claire, a absolutely warm and lovely person who lives on a farm, has a huge swingset, many toys and donkeys in the backyard. NOT that much of a punishement I would think especially when the weather is nice. But a whole week with mama made them cling to my legs every day for the past week. I was therefor a little gloomy every day turning on my computer to get to work!

Reading some blogposts made me plan a great weekend for the kids though! There are so many super ideas that they love (they love helping DIY for example) that really, we never have to visit the zoo as long as we have wood and nails! They also love to help out in the kitchen (flour in a bowl equals at least 30 minutes of play).

So this is what went down here this weekend: We started on a Wood Box Centerpiece found on Love Grows Wild. I still need to paint it but there are way more nails then in the original post in mine… We also made Salted Caramel Chocolate Bars from Kitchen Runway that were eaten (with icecream, thank you very much) so fast that I did not even have 1/2 a bar. We made “Menthe a l’eau” (mint sirop) from scratch that I will post here soon and we spend time laughing on the trampoline, riding bikes and playing tennis. So much quality time! And so much needed because if you read the Baby Doll post from Storyshucker….well, you realize that you have not that much time for real, chubby arm cuddles! And all this happened because Kitchen52 cautioned it! I will however be cleaning all day tomorrow….



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