Sunday’s Supper

I came across Barbara Albright’s post on purple Clover (a site for people who hate being called “baby boomers” or labeled as “Gen X”) and realized we (Barbara and I) have something in common. Even though, for her it has started later in life; my face has been an arrogant resting bitch face forever. When I don’t smile I am apparently not looking very happy either and I had comments on that ranging from arrogant to totally unapproachable. And that was on happy occasions when I was just looking around! Not tired. Not concentrating. Just being. So….I read the following with interest and will try to work facial exercise into my routine. Maybe by 50 I’ll have a nice, comforting face instead of unwelcoming bitchy features…

Since I just made little vanilla cream desserts that call for 5 eggyolks I am keeping this post from David Lebovitz close. He is very right about the Dreamy Eggwhites with Custard Cream! Never order it in restaurants, always make it at home and try to keep your finders out of the meringue (biggest challenge EVER). I also really like the green KitchenAid (this is a secret message to the Fab Frenchman as my birthday is coming up…)

Marie Martens Ibiza Blue

I admit, I drooled when I read this post of Jennifer Sattler of effortlesseverydaystyle. If I could add 1 item it would be the Marie Martens Ibiza Blue bag… Out of my reach for now because not carried around here but man…awesome! .Click on the picture to go to her website…..

Last thing that made me “loose” a lot of time this week… the Daily Tekk website with all kinds of lists. I loved it and spent a lot of time searching relevant (and not so relevant) topics…

– Everything you need to know about Meerkats

– The 60 best Man’s Fashion Startups, Apps and Blogs

– The 100+ Best WordPress Resources for 2015….


Have a Happy Easter! I am off to bake Hot Cross Buns…


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