No work just great taste – Leeksoup

Leek soup

So….what are you up to these days…. you look like you could use some sleep ….

Always lovely to get compliments at 8.30 am while I just barely managed (and I mean barely as in screeching tires all the way to school) to get them out the door, teeth brushed, shoes on and breakfast eaten. Matching socks.

I think it is a French thing. When I started at the bank (Paris) more often than not a coworker (generally a woman) would look at me and say something like: “Party last night” ? Or “Did you make it back to your apartment or did you go straight to work”?

Why not say: Can I get you some coffee? Even if it would imply the same thing at least it sounds friendly!

Help me out here, is this really French pessimism? The French are known for their dark outlook on the world. And you can’t really blame them considering their government but they live in such a beautiful country! Lighten up. And get me some coffee. NOW!


Since I am up to nothing and pretty tired (…) simple leek soup it is for tonight. No work, just great taste Leek soup. I added some pesto as a sunny bonus… (leave it out if you are on a vegan diet)

Leek soup


2 whites of leek chopped and washed,
1 big potato skinned and washed,
1 liter of vegetable stock.

Put some olive oil in the pan on medium heat. Sauté the vegetables until they start to color. Add the stock. Let it simmer for approx. 30 minutes. Put in the blender and blend until smooth. Season. Serve with bread and a smidge of pesto.

Easy peasy is all we need right before all the Easter baking!

Leeksoup - my favorite picture

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