Beautifull 3 ingredient appetizer

Parmesan Appetizer

And when I mean beautiful…the beauty is all in the fantastic taste combination!

I read an article the other day written by a French journalist (can’ remember the name…) that ranted against overly used words to describe food experiences for the, in this case, television viewers. “Delectable”, “mind boggling” and “with great potential” were not appreciated when describing dishes presented to the chefs.  I think we are all, every once in a while, guilty of over using the word delicious and (worse) the words “best ever”. However, how do you attract attention to your plate, food, pictures or blog if you don’t scream blunt statements!

Parmesan Appetizer

I also read the statement of the Mast brothers who said that their chocolate was the best on the market. They got taken down pretty severely by their peers in an article written by Megan Giller for

Then I googled  – food words over the top-  and came across this mini rant (their words) on The Kitchn that dates from October 2014. They suggest we do not ever use again words as Mouthfeel (who uses that!), Yummy or Nom (I can get behind that). But they also want to stop Foodie and Sinful. I actually like those… so since I am a little rebel (-ish) I will find a way soon to use them both in one post!

Parmesan Appetizer

Beautiful however was on none of the lists which gives me the perfect excuse (as if I need one) for using it over and over for this simple, 3 ingredient appetizer with beautiful taste…. The roasted nuts in combination with the Parmesan and the chestnut honey….Beautiful! Also…surprising, easy and quick to the table 😉


1 parmesan Cheese cut in thick slices

Chestnut Honey

A handful of roasted hazelnuts

Put the cheese on a plate, sprinkle with the hazelnuts and top with a filet of honey (then, lick the spoon). Serve on a platter with other lovely finger food…


Ps. while typing this I am listening to Eagle Eye Cherry and wondering what happened to him. Here is a link to his album Desireless and I am off to google him!

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    • Well, you are most welcome! It’s a small appetizer with great potential, taste sensation wise… Can also be served on the after dinner cheese platter… Have a great day and thank you for stopping by 😉


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