White chocolate chunk – Oreo crunch Cookies

Oreo and White chocolate Not all cookies fit in a jar and that’s a shame! Since it is my business to make cookie mixes that fit prettily in a jar (www.scarletbakes.co.uk) the possibilities of a new concept or recipe are always on my mind. Do I go wrong once in a while? Yes! I vividly remember my “White Christmas cookie Jar”. I had so much fun making it! It was a Shortbread Cookie with a star cutter topped off with sparkling white sugar chunks and as a bonus I had added Wintery spices to it tasted like Christmas. I also printed the label in Christmas colors with a Christmas carol on it…However it did not sell…… The “cookies in a jar thing” needs to be really great tasting but also really good looking. Therefor a jar filed with flour (white) Caster sugar (whit-ish) and sugar crystals (very white) is not appealing to the eye. Lesson learned (and 1.000 labels in the trash…).

Oreo White chocolate
So now I know, not all cookies go in jars! The White chocolate chunk  Oreo crunch Cookie is one of those Cookies that do not go into a jar. However it tastes really good so I’ll share it here. My contribution to Cookie heaven, which I am sure, exists somewhere…

Oreo white chocolate

175 gr (1 1/3 cup)  flour,
120 gr (3/4 cup) soft brown sugar,
1 tsp raising agent, pinch of salt,
75 gr (3/4 cup)Oreo crumbs,
75 gr (1/3 cup) white and milk chocolate chunks (or chips),
75 g (1/3) cup softened (not melted!) butter,
1 egg
Beat the sugar and the butter until the mixture has lightened and doubled in volume (approx). Add the egg and mix for 5 minutes. Then add the flour, salt, and raising agent and whisk until it is a homogenous dough. Do not continue for to long to not lose the airiness of the dough. Last, but not least add the Oreo crumbs and the white chocolate chunks and have it a last whisk, with a wooden spoon this time,  to eveny spread the ingredients through the dough.

Make small balls that you flatten out a little when you put them onto the lined baking tray. Place the baking tray for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Preheat the oven at 180°C and bake the cookies for 12 to 14 minutes if you like a soft chewy cookie. 15 to 18 minutes if you prefer a crisper cookie.
Take out of the oven and let cool on a rack. Store them in an airtight container, tell nobody about them and eat them all by yourself ….


Ps. Ricotta double chocolate chunk Cookies do not go into a jar either….just saying…

Oreo White chocolate


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