Sunday’s Supper

This week I tried my hand for the first time at submitting my pictures to several websites for approval. I thought I was going to be cool about it but when Foodgawker refused my first 3 pictures my mood did swing a little to the south…..I admit…. I was looking at other pictures on their website going: but that one is not as pretty/well lit/totally great as mine! Not very healthy behavior and I will try to be a better person in the future…..promise!

However miracles do happen and my Carrot Coconut soup picture made it on Healthy Aperture (thank you) and Foodgawker (thank you bis) and my bagel onto Tastespotting (thank you triple) . Which is why I got a little carrot/coconut/bagel obsessed…

For example I really would like to try this: Coconut Carrot Cake from “The little Loaf”* (or the Brown butter raspberry & Pistachio tartlets I found there also..), the Vegan Carrot Coconut pancakes (who knew that was possible!) from the Minimalist Baker or these Carrot Bagels I found on Cookpad!

However, before I get really, really carried away, I need to do this:

Recipes....piles and piles of recipes...

What is it? It’s a HUGE pile of torn out of magazine recipes that have accumulated over years and years of being passionate about cooking but not brave enough to go all the way.  I need to file and re read these and then get in the kitchen and start cooking. So that will be my Sunday!



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