Sunday’s Supper

My Pi(e)day Pie...This week, leading up to Pi(e) day the internet literally exploded with pies! And I got to make mine.. Well, I failed mine but you can read about that here. No need to talk about failure twice. I actually brought the (Not so) Swiss Roll to the annual Duck Weekend of Matthias and Caroline and everybody seemed to enjoy it. So that ended well. I will write the Duck experience down soon but I first have to degrease my camera and get the Duck smell out of my clothes. I think I might as well burn my clothes…Anyway, I have seen so many pies this week by great bloggers that I have a hard time choosing which ones to archive here!

For example I saw this Banana Cream Pie on Eat, Think and be Merry that has two of my favorite words in its name! 

Then there was the Cookies & Cream Chocolate Pie from that made me want to reach into the picture and just eat all of it, and the Mango Cream Pie from Apron Strings
that I will be making as soon as Mango season comes around here in France….

Man, I need to go the gym or stop looking at blogs with pies…and chocolate…and bananas…and cream….

Have a great week!



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