Morning Smoothie

Morning Sun and some mixed up fruits - great start of the day!
Morning Sun and some mixed up fruits – great start of the day!

Since February is more than over I decided it was time to tend to my New Year’s resolutions. So I started with a glass of warm lemon water (every morning ritual) and a blueberries, banana, apple, spinach smoothie with oats, chai seeds and ginger. Then I put on my gym clothes, dusted of the sporty shoes and headed to the 10 am B.L.T. (Butt, Legg & Thighs). Tried for the whole 45 minutes NOT to think about what those letters would stand for if I was in my kitchen instead of in pain.

I will probably not be able to walk tomorrow but I will deal with that tomorrow. In 2 days it is Abs and Ass for 45 minutes and in 3 months I will be… well we will see in three months.

Morning smoothie to get goin’

1/2 Frozen banana,
A handful frozen Blueberries,
A handful of frozen spinach,
A teaspoon Chai-seeds,
A tablespoon of whole oats,
A pinky-size piece of ginger,
Half a glass of Apple juice.

Put everything in the blender. Add half a glass of apple juice. Blend. If it is not liquid enough add some more apple juice. I make this smoothie with only Frozen Fruits. Head to my Kitchen Hack nb 1 post to find a quick tip on freezing fruits and vegetables.

Smoothie in the making...
Smoothie in the making…

Have a great morning!

Workout songs always get me in a sporty mood! 

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