Sunday’s Supper

I thought the blogging itself would take me time. Boy was I wrong! It’s the “checking out the other blogs” that takes most of the time. And time well spend it is. There are so many really awesome blogs out there! It’s not like I have been living under a stone or anything but I just did not actively look for foodblogs neither. But now I am on a roll…..

And since I am kind of an Inspiration Hoarder (yes, I made that up) I will store all the cool things right here on my blog..

So let’s start with what we will be eating tomorrow, I admit I fell for the great and inviting picture first and then I put the ingredients on my shopping list: Chicken in White wine sauce with mushrooms from Jo Cooks! Click here to go to her blog.

The picture from Alissa Saenz of a great looking smoothie was also added to my shopping list. Find here her blog on a creamy Ginger Blood Orange Smoothie.

And this is the DIY for this week. I am really trying to unclutter my kitchen so this would help… How to repurpose a magazine rack into a store away place for baking trays. The little rack that could by Cookies crafts and chaos!

And now it’s time for red wine. Have a great Sunday evening. Here on my side…Netflix will be ON

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