I left the Netherlands in August 1994 for a year in Needham close to Boston. I was an au pair to first 1 and then 2 really cool kids and I loved living in the US. So many things that I cherish today were first loved over there! For example: Friends premiered 22 September 1994 so when I came back in ’95 and Friends had not reached the Netherlands yet I thought my little country was pretty lame. Same thing when I realized that Ben& Jerries’ hadn’t made it to Europe either. These two guys were single-handedly responsible for the super-size me that my friends and family collected from the airport in Amsterdam after a year of afternoon snacking on Chunky Monkey…

Then there was also: Cornbread, Fluff, Pop tarts, Mac&Cheese, The Red Sox, Filene’s Basement and bagels. When I look at this list I cannot blame only B&J for the change of wardrobe I had to make after a couple of months in Needham!

Can you tell I love Boston?
Can you tell I love Boston?

Of all of the above,  Friends and bagels are still close “friends”. The rest of the list is to be enjoyed with moderation or to be coupled with so many gym classes that I would have no more time to do anything else…..

Enjoy the recipe for one of my favorite lunches!

1 Bagel (I will share my home recipe soon),
1 omelet,
3 slices of cheese (“obviously” I use Gouda..),
A blob of Comeback sauce,
3 slices of cucumber,

Open your bagel, toast it, stack it with the ingredients, slice some tomatoes as a side and enjoy!

* I make the omelet the same size as my bagel by baking them in a round cutter. I will write a Kitchen hack on that one day …


Lunchbagel, Egg, cheese, Lettuce, Cucumber and Comeback sauce
Lunchbagel, Egg, cheese, Lettuce, Cucumber and Comeback sauce

Over here for the Friends song! 


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