Comeback Sauce

Comeback-sauce-picture-clos Today, for the first time I heard about Mississippi Comeback sauce. And I fell in love with the name. Names can trigger so much! My little brother owns a chain of Coffee shops (Anne & Max in the Netherlands) and his menu for example features: “Heartache”-coffee (with whipped cream and white chocolate.. awesome!) and “Today I will stay inside”-tea. Just thinking about this tea I can see myself sitting in the windowsill, pillows and chunky woolen cover, great book, cup of tea. And then Monica and Chandler come in and we all hang out. But I am getting off track…Back to the sauce! Comeback-sauce-pictureWhen I read Comeback sauce it sounded homey and rich and really like something I wanted to make. Google helped out with approximately 1 million recipes. I read that Comeback sauce needs at least 3 ingredients: ketchup, chili sauce and mayo. I also read that Ketchup is not allowed in the real sauce. There are ongoing discussions on fresh or powdered garlic and on Worcestershire or not. One thing the internet agrees on? It is a great sauce that can be eaten with nearly everything. So I tried one….and one more… Maybe in a year I will have tweaked it to my personal favorite Comeback sauce…. but for now this latest one coming out of my kitchen definitely does the trick! Comeback sauce

150 gr Mayonnaise 70 gr Chili sauce 130 gr of Ketchup 100 gr French Mustard 50 gr Olive oil 1 glove of garlic 4 drops of piripiri sauce some Tabasco Teaspoon of Worcestershire Teaspoon lemon juice Teaspoon White vinegar Fresh black pepper Teaspoon smoked paprika powder

Put all the ingredients in the blender. When you start to blend, start out at low-speed so all ingredient get to mix together. Then continue on higher speed until you have a nice and smooth sauce. Taste, maybe adjust and when you are ready, leave it at least 24 hours in the fridge so all ingredients can marinate to bring out the flavor. Once that is done there are no more limits to all the recipes you can use your Comeback sauce with!

XOXO, Floortje

Ps. Listen here to the song this made me think of: Come Back Song – Darius Rucker



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